Bel-Ray High Performance Fork Oil - 2.5W, 5W, 7W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 30W

Bel-Ray High Performance Fork Oil is formulated for use in all suspension forks including those using cartridge and duel chamber systems.  Through the use of carefully selected high viscosity base oils, stiction and fade are reduced providing smooth operation over a wide temperature range.  Bel-Ray High Performance Fork Oil is available in seven viscosity grades; 2.5W, 5W, 7W, 10W, 15W, 20W and 30W.


Features and Benefits:

General Description: Bel-Ray High Performance Fork Oil provides exceptional viscosity stability, anti-friction and anti-foam properties for use in all high performance suspension systems, including cartridge forks. It is recommended for all OEM factory fill replacements.
Product No. 99290 99300 99310 99320 99330 99340 99350
Grade 2.5W 5W 7W 10W 15W 20W 30W

Previously was BR-FK


Part #DescriptionStockPriceOrder
BR-99290-B1LWBelRay HighPef ForkOil 2.5W 1LYes$29.95 [Add to cart]
BR-99300-B1LWBelRay HighPef ForkOil 5W 1LtrYes$29.95 [Add to cart]
BR-99300-PWBelRay HighPef ForkOil 5W 20LYes$299.00 [Add to cart]
BR-99310-B1LWBelRay HighPef ForkOil 7W 1LtrYes$29.95 [Add to cart]
BR-99320-B1LWBelRay HighPef ForkOil 10W 1LtYes$29.95 [Add to cart]
BR-99320-PWBelRay HighPef ForkOil 10W 20LLimited$299.00 [Enquire]
BR-99330-B1LWBelRay HighPef ForkOil 15W 1LtYes$29.95 [Add to cart]
BR-99330-PWBelRay HighPef ForkOil 15w 20lYes$299.00 [Add to cart]
BR-99340-B1LWBelRay HighPef ForkOil 20W 1LtYes$29.95 [Add to cart]
BR-99340-PWBelRay HighPef ForkOil 20W 20LYes$299.00 [Add to cart]
BR-99350-B1LWBelRay HighPef ForkOil 30W 1LtYes$29.95 [Add to cart]