Emgo Brake Pads & Shoes, motorcycle, racing, cruiser, parts, accessories Emgo Brake Pads & Shoes, motorcycle, racing, cruiser, parts, accessories Emgo Brake Pads & Shoes, motorcycle, racing, cruiser, parts, accessories Emgo Brake Pads & Shoes, motorcycle, racing, cruiser, parts, accessories

Emgo Brake Pads & Shoes

Brake Pads and Shoes for: Street Bikes, Classic British Bikes, Scooters, Dirt Bikes and ATVs.

EMGO Replacement Disc Brake Pads meet or exceed manufacturers' specifications. They are available in two types: Replacement OEM (Regular) and sintered metal, which is a high performance disc brake pad manufactured from a highly refined composition of metallic powders pressed into a preform mold. Sold by the pair, left and right (some models require more than one set). Each pair is slide-packed with the back of the card showing application information for easy point of sale display.

EMGO Replacement Brake Shoes meet or exceed manufacturers' specifications. They are available in two types: Replacement OEM (Regular) and water grooved, which are slotted to help channel water and dirt away from the braking surface. Sold by the pair (some models require more than one set), each set is boxed. Like Emgo Brake Pads, each set is labelled with application information and each box has a reinforced hang tab for point of sale display.

http://www.emgo.com/main_layout.html for fitment catalogue

Non Asbestos Pads can be ordered by substituting 91- in place of 90-

Non Asbestos Shoes can be ordered by substituting 93- in place of 92-

NOTE: You can easily search the catalogues. Select which one suits the bike you're looking for brakes for (or the complete catalogue if you prefer) and once it is loaded onto your computer (for a PC) hold down the "Ctrl" key and at the same time, the "F" key. This will bring up the search window and then type in the bike model. Then hit the enter key. If you are using a Mac, you'll need to use the Apple key and the F key.

You can also save the files to your computer, by right-clicking the mouse (holding the button down) and selecting "save target as" instead of opening the pdf - if you want to save all the parts of the catalogue, you are best to select the file named "Complete Emgo Brake Pad/Shoe Catalogue"


Part #DescriptionStockPriceOrder
90-48891BRAKE DISC PAD 2054 232Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
90-48892BRAKE DISC PAD 2121 270Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
90-51825BRAKE DISC PAD 382 092Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
90-51829BRAKE DISC PAD 495 125Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
90-51838BRAKE DISC PAD 664 196Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
90-51853BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 182 030Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
90-51855BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 029Yes$39.95 [Add to cart]
90-51858BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 538 69/2Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
90-51860BRAKE DISC PAD VD115/118Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
90-51861BRAKE DISC PAD SBS-584Yes$29.95 [Add to cart]
90-51867BRAKE DISC PAD SEE 90-81366 ALYes$19.95 [Add to cart]
90-51869BRAKE DISC PAD SAME 90-51807Yes$29.95 [Add to cart]
90-51872BRAKE DPAD SINTER 310/R 80/2Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
90-51883BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 533 187Yes$29.95 [Add to cart]
90-51885BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 462 121Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
90-51888BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 664 196Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
90-62202BRAKE DISC PAD 134R 034Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
90-62205BRAKE DISC PAD 247 061Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
90-62206BRAKE DISC PAD 277 070Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
90-62208BRAKE DISC PAD VD 228Yes$29.00 [Add to cart]
90-62254BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 184 041Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
90-62255BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 247 061Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
90-62257BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 311 081Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
90-62262BRAKE DPAD SINTER 337/R 088Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
90-62264BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 383 101Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
90-62266BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 411 105Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
90-62267BRAKE DPAD SINTER 386/R 104Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
90-62268BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 662 123Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
90-62270BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 453 119Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
90-62289BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 202Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
90-62290BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 605 252Yes$29.95 [Add to cart]
90-71921BRAKE DISC PAD 135Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
90-71955BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 151R 036Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
90-71959BRAKE DPAD SINTER FDB218 051Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
90-71960BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 217 065Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
90-71969BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 404 106Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
90-71972BRAKE DPAD SINTER 389/R 103Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
90-71975BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 731 128Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
90-71981BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 569 146Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
90-71984BRAKE DISC PAD SINT FDB873 188Yes$29.95 [Add to cart]
90-81359BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 132 033Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
90-81364BRAKE DPAD SINTER 298/R 068Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
90-81371BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 494 130Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
90-81373BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 508 141Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
90-81378BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 574 158Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
90-81380BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 631 165Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
90-81382BRAKE DISC PAD SINTER 2049 231Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
91-48810DPAD BRAKE PAD NON ASBESTOSYes$19.95 [Add to cart]
91-48811DISC BRAKE PAD NON ASBESTOSYes$19.95 [Add to cart]
91-48813DISC BRAKE PAD NON ASBESTOSYes$24.95 [Add to cart]
91-51807D/PAD NON ASBESTOS VD123/132Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
91-51816DISC BRAKE PAD NON ASBESTOSYes$24.95 [Add to cart]
91-51830DISC PAD NON ASBSTOS FDB539Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
91-62216BRAKE DPAD NON ASBESTOS VD236Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
91-68008BRAKE DISC PAD NON ASBESTOSYes$29.95 [Add to cart]
91-68009BRAKE DISC PAD NON ASBESTOSYes$29.95 [Add to cart]
91-71921BRAKE DISC PAD NON ASBESTOSYes$24.95 [Add to cart]
91-71922DPAD NON ASBSTS FDB389/VD330/1Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
91-71971BRAKE DISC PAD NON ASBESTOSYes$24.95 [Add to cart]
91-81319BRAKE DPAD NON ASBESTOS VD325Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
91-81331BRAKE DISC PAD FDB892Limited$24.95 [Enquire]
92-27201BRAKE SHOES 730 501Yes$11.95 [Add to cart]
92-27206BRAKE SHOES 507Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
92-27209BRAKE SHOES 736 516Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
92-27212BRAKE SHOESYes$19.95 [Add to cart]
92-27225BRAKE SHOES 520Yes$15.95 [Add to cart]
92-27253BRAKE SHOES SINTER 731 503Yes$11.95 [Add to cart]
92-27259BRAKE SHOES SINTER 736 516Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
92-27264BRAKE SHOES SINTER 738 518Yes$11.95 [Add to cart]
92-27270BRAKE SHOES SINTER 524Yes$15.95 [Add to cart]
92-27275BRAKE SHOES SINTER 520Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
92-39100BRAKE SHOES 760 306Yes$15.95 [Add to cart]
92-39117BRAKE SHOES 710 320Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
92-39119BRAKE SHOES 339Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
92-39126BRAKE SHOES 345Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
92-39134BRAKE SHOES TRX400/450/500Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
92-39172BRAKE SHOES SINTER 342Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
92-39176BRAKE SHOES SINTER 345Yes$15.95 [Add to cart]
92-41007BRAKE SHOES 610Yes$30.65 [Add to cart]
92-41010BRAKE SHOES 625Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
92-41013BRAKE SHOES GROOVEDYes$8.95 [Add to cart]
92-41022BRAKE SHOES 633Limited$19.95 [Enquire]
92-41060BRAKE SHOES SINTER 625Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
92-41062BRAKE SHOES SINTER 726 613Yes$11.95 [Add to cart]
92-41073BRAKE SHOES SINTER 629Yes$29.95 [Add to cart]
92-42002BRAKE SHOES 704Yes$12.95 [Add to cart]
92-42007BRAKE SHOES 718 706Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
92-42016BRAKE SHOES 719Yes$16.95 [Add to cart]
92-42057BRAKE SHOES SINTER 718 706Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
92-42061BRAKE SHOES SINTER 715Yes$9.95 [Add to cart]
92-42064BRAKE SHOES SINTER 720Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
92-81012BRAKE SHOESYes$39.95 [Add to cart]
93-27203BRAKE SHOES NON ASBESTOSYes$19.95 [Add to cart]
93-81010BRAKE SHOES TRIUMPHYes$29.95 [Add to cart]
93-81013BRAKE SHOESYes$29.95 [Add to cart]