Hyperpro Suspension Springs, motorcycle, racing, cruiser, parts, accessories Hyperpro Suspension Springs, motorcycle, racing, cruiser, parts, accessories

Hyperpro Suspension Springs

Advantages of Progressive Rate Springs

With progressive springs the more force applied, the greater the resistance becomes, progressively slowing down the suspension travel before it reaches the end of its stroke. The spring absorbs the bumps instead of the tyre, giving a more controlled ride with dramatically reduced tyre wear and better grip. As an added bonus, progressive rate springs do not respond to any single frequency, thus eliminating wheel chatter.

Part #DescriptionStockPriceOrder
HP-SP-BM11-L010HYPERPRO FK & SH SPR KIT R11RTYes$439.00 [Add to cart]
HP-SP-HO06-C018HYPERPRO FK & SH SPR KIT CBR6Yes$549.00 [Add to cart]
HP-SP-HO08-B001HYPERPRO SHOCK SPR KIT VFR800Yes$269.00 [Add to cart]
HP-SP-HO08-D002HYPERPRO SHOCK SPR FIT PC800Yes$339.00 [Add to cart]
HP-SP-HO09-A007HYPERPRO FORK SPR KIT CBR900Yes$355.00 [Add to cart]
HP-SP-HO09-B005HYPERPRO SHOCK SPR KIT CBR900Yes$269.00 [Add to cart]
HP-SP-HO09-B007HYPERPRO SHOCK SPR KIT CBR900Yes$269.00 [Add to cart]
HP-SP-HO09-C004HYPERPRO FK & SH SPR KIT CBR90Yes$549.00 [Add to cart]
HP-SP-HO10-B007HYPERPRO SHOCK SPR KIT VTR1000Yes$269.00 [Add to cart]
HP-SP-HO11-A004HYPERPRO FORK SPR KIT ST1100Yes$355.00 [Add to cart]
HP-SP-HO11-C004HYPERPRO FK & SH SPR KIT ST11Yes$549.00 [Add to cart]
HP-SP-KA09-B009HYPERPRO SHOCK SPR KIT ZX-9RYes$269.00 [Add to cart]
HP-SP-KA10-A006HYPERPRO FRK SPRING KIT ZX10Yes$369.00 [Add to cart]
HP-SP-SU06-B004HYPERPRO SHOCK SPR KIT GSXR600Yes$269.00 [Add to cart]
HP-SP-SU06-B009HYPERPRO SHOCK SPR KIT GSXR600Yes$269.00 [Add to cart]
HP-SP-SU07-B007HYPERPRO SHOCK SPR KIT GSXR750Yes$269.00 [Add to cart]
HP-SP-SU10-A002HYPERPRO FRK SPR KIT SUZ TLSYes$349.00 [Add to cart]
HP-SP-SU10-B001HYPERPRO SHOCK SPR KIT TL1000RLimited$269.00 [Enquire]
HP-SP-SU10-B003HYPERPRO SHOCK SPR KIT GSXR100Limited$269.00 [Enquire]
HP-SP-SU13-A001HYPERPRO FORK SPR KIT GSXR1300Limited$355.00 [Enquire]
HP-SP-SU13-B001HYPERPRO SHOCK SPR KIT GSXR130Limited$269.00 [Enquire]
HP-SP-TR09-C013HYPERPRO FK & SH SPRING KIT TYes$589.00 [Add to cart]
HP-SP-YA06-A012HYPERPRO FORK SPR KIT YZF R6Yes$355.00 [Add to cart]
HP-SP-YA06-A016HYPERPRO FORK SPR KIT YZF-R6Yes$355.00 [Add to cart]
HP-SP-YA06-B012HYPERPRO SHOCK SPR KIT YZF-R6Limited$269.00 [Enquire]
HP-SP-YA06-B016HYPERPRO SHOCK SPR KIT YZF-R6Yes$269.00 [Add to cart]
HP-SP-YA10-A005HYPERPRO FORK SPR KIT YZF R1Limited$355.00 [Enquire]
HP-SP-YA10-A009HYPERPRO FK SPR KIT YZF1000 04Limited$355.00 [Enquire]
HP-SP-YA10-B008HYPERPRO SHOCK SPR KIT YZF-R1Limited$269.00 [Enquire]
HP-SP-YA10-C005HYPERPRO FK & SH SPR KIT R1 98Limited$549.00 [Enquire]
HP-SP-YA12-I005HYPERPRO FK & SH SPR KIT VMAXYes$759.00 [Add to cart]
HP-SP-YA13-A004HYPERPRO FORK SPR KIT XJR1300Limited$355.00 [Enquire]