Ariete Fork and Dust Seals


Correct performance from the front fork is a vital requirement for everything from Superbikes to Trials bikes. ARIETE has worked hard to produce a special rubber compound which tolerates the chemical additives used in fork oil.

We have also refined the design of the OIL SEAL LIPS, which have a ground finish. They offer complete control of the varying internal pressure as the fork is alternatively extended and compressed, with no loss of lubricant.

We offer over 100 ARI dimensions, which fit more than 20,000 motorcycle models, covering the period from the 1960s until the present day. A new sizing chart has now been added (September 2011).

Each kit comprises 2 oil seals, and comes complete with a sachet of special Arisil grease. This has been specially developed for lubricating reciprocating metal-rubber contact areas, reducing friction at the point of contact, and increasing the life expectation of the components involved.

In resources is a handy application chart for MX bikes (CR80-500, YZ-WR85-450, KX60-KXF450, RM80-250, RMZ250/450 and KTM 125-525SX's) - for years 1998-2012.

For KTM's, please also check your bike specs and the KTM Ariete fitments (in resources)

Click here to see which Bel-Ray oil you should be using in your bike/ATV's forks

And click here for a handy link to Ariete fork seal fitments




Part #DescriptionStockPriceOrder
AR-ARI-002FORK SEAL TB4 34-46-10.5Yes$49.95 [Add to cart]
AR-ARI-003RFORK SEAL TCL 35-48-13/14.5Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
AR-ARI-007FORK SEAL TC4Y 37-48-10.5/12Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
AR-ARI-015FORK SEAL TCL 33-43-6.5/7.5Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
AR-ARI-022FORK SEAL TCL 35-47-10/10.5Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
AR-ARI-028FORK SEAL TCL 41.7-55-10/10.5Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
AR-ARI-030FORK SEAL TC 40-52-7Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
AR-ARI-031FORK SEAL TB4 32-43-12.5Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
AR-ARI-035FORK SEAL DC4Y 40-49.5-7/9.5Yes$34.95 [Add to cart]
AR-ARI-039FORK SEAL TC 35-50-10Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
AR-ARI-040FORK SEAL DCY 35-47-10Yes$29.95 [Add to cart]
AR-ARI-043FORK SEAL 36-46-7/9Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
AR-ARI-045FORK SEAL SC4 41-51-6Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
AR-ARI-058FORK SEAL 39-51-8/10.5Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
AR-ARI-059FORK SEAL DCY 38-52-11Yes$29.95 [Add to cart]
AR-ARI-070FORK SEAL TCL 39-51-10.5/12Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
AR-ARI-074FORK SEAL TCL 32-45-9/11Yes$19.95 [Add to cart]
AR-ARI-084FORK SEAL TCL 38.5-48-7/8.7Yes$29.95 [Add to cart]
AR-ARI-086DUST SEAL Y 50-60/63-7/13Yes$29.95 [Add to cart]
AR-ARI-089FORK SEAL Y 41.3-54-13/14Yes$39.95 [Add to cart]
AR-ARI-093FORK SEAL TCY 20-63-11Yes$24.90 [Add to cart]
AR-ARI-096FORK SEAL 33X46X11 DC4Yes$24.95 [Add to cart]
AR-ARI-104FORK SEAL TC4 48.5-60-10Yes$29.95 [Add to cart]
AR-ARI-108FORK SEAL DCY 46-58-10.5Yes$29.95 [Add to cart]